ENEA Srl aims to offer a wide and very innovative range of processes in relation to the field of application of its Quality Management System.
The General Management defines the Quality Policy, which is based on the following characteristics:
a) is appropriate for the purposes of the organization
b) includes the commitment to obtain customer requirements and continuous improvement
c) defines and reviews the quality goals
d) is disseminated and understood by the relevant levels of the company organization
e) is reviewed to verify its continued suitability
The production phase is the daily routine of our work that commits us every day with the aim of creating a range of processes characterized by:
- flexibility
- simplicity
- reliability
- safety
The quality policy is based on the following principles:
- increase in customer satisfaction through the continuous improvement of the analysis of the requirements and the realization of the product
- progressive cost reduction of the processes through prevention activities
- research of cutting-edge technologies
- training of the staff to have the highest possible professionalism.
Goals are established annually and the actions necessary to achieve them are planned.
A specific document is issued with the goal indicators which is available as an annex to the management review.
This Policy is made known to all employees by posting it in the company areas and / or by sending it via e-mail.